Booking & Cancellation Policy

I consider any appointment that you have with me important.  Your appointment time is for your exclusive use

and when it is cancelled with short notice or missed altogether, it is often too late or more often

impossible to offer this time to someone else.

With this in mind, a non-refundable booking fee of £20 is required to secure a Lash booking.  This will be taken

off the final balance of your appointment. 

Booking fees are only returned to clients that have booked an appointment for eyelash extensions and that can

provide proof of a reaction after a patch test!

A full 24 hour notice is required for cancelling or recheduling appointments.

Cancellations within 24 hours before appointment time will be charged 50% of the cost of their treatment.

Failure to attend a scheduled appointment without notice will be charged the full cost of their treatment.

Afterf 3 missed appointments or late cancellations, pre-payment in full will be required for all future

appointments at the time of booking.

Missed appointments and late cancellation charges are required to be paid in full before the next

appointment can be booked.  

Please arrive on time, as you have a designated time slot.

I am a small business and lastminute cancellations have a big impact.  I know sometimes things can’t be

helped – this will be taken into consideration.

Thank you for respecting my business.  If I do not work then I do not earn, therefore it’s

paramount my clients understand this and why I must strictly enforce this policy.


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